Reconsidering Psychotherapy: A Nondual Opening To Diversity

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Emptiness Teachings

Reprint from “Nonduality America,” Publisher: Matthew King

By Susan Kahn

In this article, I set out to address a nondual audience regarding psychotherapy. My specific aim is to challenge the position that the whole of therapy can be replaced by a nondual approach. While nonduality holds the key to overcoming endless cycles of emotional pain, the notion that there is only one way to address diverse emotional issues and circumstances, can create a limited, fundamentalist lens. Instead, nonduality and psychotherapy can complement each other. Why this is not contradictory is another area of this article’s focus.

People go to nondual teachers to see through the myth of a separate self and all duality, and usually with the hope of alleviating their deepest distress. Nonduality provides the insight to uncover the root of emotional affliction, the whole painful human misunderstanding, and then the opportunity to overturn it.


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One Response to “Reconsidering Psychotherapy: A Nondual Opening To Diversity”

  1. Finde es echt klasse das es diese kreativen Filme auf den Markt gebracht hat.Es zeigt deutlich das die analoge Fotografie immer noch lebt und einfach die beste Art ist seiner Kreativitu00e4t freien lauf zu lassen.Ein hoch auf die analoge Fotografie*

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